Speech-Accessible Instructions for using the Diagnostic Plot Browser

This application has been coded with speech-accessible tags in order to be operational by users of voice recognition (VR) software. These instructions detail how the plot browser can be used with Dragon NaturallySpeaking software and Internet Explorer.

Speech-accessible tags mirror printed labels wherever possible, with a few exceptions. To select a site, say "search site". To select a datastream, say "datastream". After your VR software places focus in the desired list, say "move up" or "move down" or "move down 5 lines", etc.

At any time after the initial site and datastream have been selected, you may say "Get Plots" to start the search.

To select a new search date, say "search date", and then speak the year, such as "2004". Then say "month" and speak the month desired. Then say "day" and speak the day desired. The search style can be changed by saying either "list style" or "thumbnail". The number of days to display at a time can be changed by saying "days at a time", and then speaking the number. Be sure to say "Get Plots" to see the results. Results can be filtered by facility or by plot type. Simply say "by facility" to change the facility selection, or "by plot type" to change the plot type filter.

When the results are thumbnails, say "search results", and the VR software will label each thumbnail with a unique number identifier as shown below:

Simply say which numbered thumbnail plot you would like to see full-size. For example, say "choose 7" to see the seventh thumbnail (red arrow pointing to it in the example above).