ARM Program Data Quality Diagnostic Plot Browser

For use by ARM infrastructure and DQ Office to find issues with Preliminary Data. Other users should fetch data from the ARM Archive and carefully consider filed Data Quality Reports before using this data in their research.

Operation is as follows:

  1. Start your search by selecting a site at the top left of your screen. Operation tips are displayed in the top frame as you proceed.
  2. Data streams for your selected site will be displayed. Choose one or more data streams from the list. Typically, multiple selections are achieved while holding down the shift or control keys.
  3. Choose a search date, or leave the default (which gives the most recent plots). Only valid dates for your datastream selection will be available.
  4. Decide whether you want to search by list, or by thumbnail. Thumbnails exist back to 1-Jan-2004.
  5. By default, five days will be displayed at a time. You may change this to any number between 1 and 30.
  6. Click on 'Get Plots'

At this point, your search results will be returned in the right or center frame of the screen. You can filter the results by facility and/or plot type. You can also easily get the next or previous set of days without setting up a new search.

In list mode, the selected plots will show up in the right frame. In thumbnail mode, most of the screen is used to display thumbnails and clicking on the thumbnail will bring up the plot in its own window.

This application has been coded with speech-accessible tags in order to be operational by users of voice recognition software. See these detailed instructions.

Problems or Comments? Contact the ARM DQ Office [dqmgr at arm dot gov]